Saturday, August 14, 2010

A few good men are in jeopardy

Defense chief Gates orders review of Marines' role

Acknowledging concerns among current and former Marines that the Corps has evolved into another ground combat force, the Defense secretary aims to define the service's future path.

Excuse me? I am not familiar with any 'concerns' among current or former Marines as it concerns either their present or evolving role in the protection of America. And if the Marine Corps isn't to be considered a 'ground combat force?' Just what in the hell does Sec/Def Gates think their role is or should be.

The policies and attitudes that are coming out of this administration are becoming more and more bizarre by the day.

In ordering the Pentagon review, Gates was deepening a long-running debate about the role of the Marine Corps, including whether one of its main missions — amphibious assaults against fortified coastlines — has become obsolete because of the changing nature of warfare and advances in precision weaponry.

Gates is seeking $100 billion in budget savings from the military services and Pentagon bureaucracies, though he intends to invest the money in weapons programs. Given the unwavering support for the Marines in Congress, there is little chance the service would be eliminated or see its budget significantly reduced.

Gates noted that anxiety about the future of the Marines stems from the "perception … that they have become too heavy, too removed from their expeditionary roots."
I thought that when Bill Clinton was president that the US military had never seen anyone so intent on destroying them from within. But now I realize that Clinton's efforts pale in comparison to what this president is up to.

And lest we forget, Robert Gates was selected by George Bush during his final year in office (to replace Donald Rumsfeld) and he was quickly approved by congress. And he has been retained by Obama. I knew when I saw that move after Obama took office, that we had a ringer in the position of secretary of defense.

This country is going down by the bow. Every day that Barack Obama remains president, we steam ever closer toward oblivion and the complete destruction of this nation. There are so many things now on the list of things unimaginable to me even two years ago, that I find it hard to comprehend why the large portion of Americans are not up in arms 'literally' and marching on Washington with torches.

The man wants to create a civilian force equivalent to his own personal army? Yet he has his secretary of defense looking at reducing if not completely eliminating the United States Marine Corps? The oldest branch of the American military services?

I believe that it is time that a move be tabled to impeach this charlatan masquerading as secretary of defense and his boss. He is no secretary of defense in my book. He is the chief secretary of defeat right beneath our appeaser in chief`right now if you ask me.

I cannot believe the actions of this government since this impostor took office as the president.

America is under attack from within.

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