Tuesday, August 03, 2010

One step closer to reality

Congratulations America, once again our egalitarian raised and indoctrinated leadership in this country have demonstrated their unequivocal desire to bend over and kiss their own backsides and bend over once again to the religion of peace.

We as a nation are bound and determined to show our tolerance and ability to look common sense and decency right square in the face and tell them both to go to hell. We are Americans after all and as such,  we must demonstrate our unique ability to fly in the face of reason and do all that is in our power to self destruct our own culture and nation on the alter of multicultural tolerance

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Panel Clears Way for Mosque Near Ground Zero

A New York City panel voted unanimously Tuesday to reject landmark status for a building near the World Trade Center site, paving the way for construction of a mosque and an Islamic community center.

Opponents of the project, including 9/11 first-responders and family members of victims of the Sept. 11, 2001, terror attacks, have said the location would be insensitive.

The mosque is slated to be part of an Islamic community center to be operated by a group called the Cordoba Initiative, which says the center will be a space for moderate Muslim voices.

Several members of roughly 50 people who attended the hearing applauded the ruling, while others shouted "shame" as commission chairman Robert Tierney called for the vote. The city Landmarks Preservation Commission then proceeded to vote 9-0 against granting landmark status to the site's 152-year-old building, which can now be torn down to make way for the Islamic center.

One opponent, Linda Rivera, of Manhattan, held a sign reading, "Don't glorify murder of 3,000. No 9/11 victory mosque."

I for one never thought that I would ever see the day that my country would be led and controlled by utter Marxist and others, hell bent on subjugating all thee freedoms that has been fought and bled for over two the last hundred years. But I have lived to see it.

Let's take the 'way back machine' to September 12, 2001 shall we?

Anyone remember that day? The day after 9/11? When those like Wolf Blitzer of CNN and the rest of our mongrelized media were showing the jubilation and celebration in the streets of the middle east over the 9/11 attacks the day before? Anyone remember the throngs of thousands of Muslims singing and dancing and parading with great joy over the deaths of three thousand Americans as the world looked on.

How about this.....anyone remember the photoshopped pictures that came out in the months that followed, of New York city with a crescent moon hanging over ground zero. Or what about the photoshopped images of minarets amongst what use to be the World Trade Centers.

One last question.....anyone else remember the cries and refrains of Americans who lamented our losses and stated defiantly that "we will never forget?"

Now, jump ahead five years and does anyone remember the articles that were being posted discussing how a good many Americans were becoming bored with the 9/11 remembrance programs five years after that fateful day.

Now consider this. It is the Muslim way to place their mosques on conquered ground. They have always done that and they are attempting to do that now at ground zero. Make no mistake, Muslims in the middle east celebrated by the millions over the deaths of our countrymen on 9/11. And they each knew and recognize the symbolic message of those photos of New York with crescent moons and mosque minarets super imposed over the death and destruction that they wrought upon this nation.

So if anyone is so inclined in media, please spare me the altruistic egalitarian tripe about all the supposed moderate Muslims. Cause quite frankly? I have spent the past nine years looking for them and i can't find them. But i have no trouble at all turning on my TV or my computer and finding militant Muslims and Islamic terrorists by the ton.

If this mosque is allowed to be built, it will not stand. It may very well be the catalyst that throws this nation into civil chaos and collapse. it may well be the literal shot heard round the world by the time the historians of the future look back on it.

Even contemplating the building of such a thing in our midst and in direct proximity to hallowed ground is a travesty of the highest order of disgrace. And everyone and I mean everyone affiliated with approving this sacrilege should be booted out of office and tried fro treasonous acts against this nation and it's people.

This mosque will not stand on our ground. We cannot allow that to happen. The blood of 2976 souls cries out from the grave for justice and we as a nation can ill afford to turn a deaf ear.


XtnYoda said...

In case you haven't seen it... the National Park Service is building a red crescent pointing to Mecca in the Penn. field.


Locutisprime said...

No I hadn't seen that. But it inspired me to make another post this morning with credits to your for the inspiration. thanks