Thursday, August 19, 2010

One more cost of open borders

How many bed bug infestation reports have you noted lately?

Here's the latest..  AMC theaters in New York City
The AMC Empire 25 movie theater complex in the Times Square area shut its doors Tuesday night to deal with a bed bug problem.

AMC said it has been testing and treating its theaters after getting complaints from some patrons about bed beg bites.
The company said it inspected the Empire 25 Tuesday and found bed bugs in an auditorium that had previously tested negative.

AMC shut down the complex, located on West 42nd Street, and began treatment, said Justin Scott, a spokesman for AMC.

"At AMC Theatres, the health and safety of our guests and associates is of the utmost importance and we take every guest report seriously," Scott said. "That's why we have taken aggressive and proactive steps to help ensure our theatres remain free of bed bugs."

The theater reopened Wednesday evening.
Scott said that the theater will be treated again in two weeks, as is recommended by pest control specialists.

Here's another: 

On Our Radar: Bedbugs in Ohio

Bed bugs will be focus at N.J. pest control convention

Bedbugs becoming a local problem

Canada is even under attack.

Tenants battle bedbugs in south end

An interesting look back in time

Now ask yourself this question...."do you ever remember hearing of bed bugs when you were growing up?"  I do. People talked about bed bugs and lice being a problem of the 1920's and 1930's and especially with those immigrating from Europe.  Hence the reason that everyone was brought first to Ellis island and "de-loused" prior to being allowed to come ashore in New York city.

 And yet here we are eighty years later? and we are seeing lice and bed bug infestations once again and there is also a noted rise in viral and bacterial infections such as the noted recent increase in Denge fever in southern Florida. And much about Salmonella and other food born pathogens.

So what's the answer? Who's to blame? Ask yourself those questions then answer them under your breath and in the quiet of your mind. Never allow yourself to either admit or acknowledge that anything out of the ordinary has ever happened. Remember, the government is in control and they are here to help.

I have an idea! Let's just blame all this on Global warming! Maybe even get Al to do a movie in between massages? 

Softly, softly catchy monkeys. Sleep tight now and don't let the bed bugs bite.

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