Saturday, August 21, 2010

More bed bugs for Gotham (An UPDATE)

Some may remember my blog of last week concerning the sudden infestations of bed bugs plaguing many American cities. Here is an update.
First came King Kong. Now, bedbugs are trying to conquer the Empire State Building.

An infestation of the creepy crawlers has hit the city's most iconic building, the Daily News has learned.
The little critters invaded an employee changing room in the basement, prompting building officials to call in exterminators.
"There were guys there last night, spraying down the place," a source told The News yesterday.

An Empire State Building official said the bedbugs were discovered last week after they hitched a ride into the building on an employee's clothes.
Some may find these reports interesting. Some may find them humorous. Some may even come to the conclusion that this is but one more example of "the price we must pay to live in a free society."

To those I say? Keep drinking the Kool Aid and keep believing the egalitarian tripe that is being hustled as individual rights and freedoms, while all along your real rights and freedoms are being stolen away from you and subjugated by the day.

Yep, just think, it's only fair to allow these nasty people and their alien customs and culture to infect our society. Because it's the American way.......... right?

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