Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Obama's Kool Aid Stand Open 24/7

Step right up ladies and gentlemen! Get the next installment of the most refreshing beverage on the planet! Obama's Kool Aid! We are almost two years into the progressive democrats deal of deals and tonight our bar tender in chief is going to be pouring on the smooze and serving up the Kool Aid to America by the barrels full.

Tonight, Barack Obama, our illustrious leader and president will report back to we the people that he has achieved one of his campaign promises. He will note that he has ended the war in Iraq. All combat forces are out of the country is what he will say tonight. Meanwhile, forget about those 50,000 American troops who remain in Iraq. Those who all that has changed for them, is that their unit designations have been white washed and changed to non threatening non military designations.

Yes sir Mr. and Mrs. America, this should be a proud day and a day to rejoice for all of us. Messer Obama has ended the terrible and tragic and pointless war in Iraq and he has left behind a baby sitting force that will soon be targeted by those beloved insurgents that Obama and Pelosi and Reid seem to feel are simply misunderstood.

Have another cuppa of the juice everyone! Sit back and enjoy the yarn spinning tonight and listen to the soft murmurs of the yes we can chorus as the president explains to the American people all the great works of wonder achieved by the right kind of leadership under his tutelage.

Oh! And don't forget to completely disregard what is happening over in Afghanistan right now. 21 dead in two days? The Taliban on a rampage and young Americans being killed wholesale daily? That means nothing. Don't be distracted by ineffectual leadership and defeatist policy in Afghanistan. Our dear president in now set to embark on showing us all how it is done once "progressive democrats" get to call the plays and play at war.

And man oh man! This sure looks to be interesting as we head into the fall. I imagine everyone will be following the daily body counts with the same enthusiasm as those watching fall football. All the while knowing that regardless of how bad it gets and regardless of how many of our troops are killed? We have the greatest leader of all time piloting our ship of state right now. Right?

Almost gives you goose bumps to think about it don't it. Or is that tingling the dregs of the Kool Aid that I feel running down my leg.

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XtnYoda said...

Let's see... now when did the Taliban and Alqida(sic) announce their surrender?