Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A journalist perspective on free speech

Here we have a woman who is represented as a journalist and someone who is a paid pundit on by several networks news agencies. This is how she sees freedom of speech in practice in America.

Freedom of speech provides (or should provide) the ability of anyone who disagrees, to destroy the property of others. Could acting and reacting violently to opposing speech be too far removed from her much sought after Egyptian perspective? I think not. I think that she is a product of her heritage and her culture and I think what you are seeing in this video is indicative of those influences.

Look closely America, this is what your mass media looks like in America today. A mirror image of the Nirvana perspectives of egalitarian representations that permeate every level of our society. Regardless of the reality of underlying hate and prejudice that many of these so called professionals possess, they are sought out and sought after by American media as if they are brilliant philosophers on societal evolution and politics.

In a word? BS! Or.....I should an acronym.

Mona Eltahawy has been arrested for defacing an anti-Muslim ad in the New York subway system. The video shows her spraying pink paint on the ad while a supporter of the ad tries to block her. She's a journalist for censorship.

Eltahawy, a former Reuters correspondent, has been a recent favorite of CNN and MSNBC’s weekend morning shows to discuss Egypt, and she often smears together the Islamist “right wing” and the American right wing, as she did on Melissa Harris-Perry just 11 days ago [video and transcript below]:

ELTAHAWY: We [Egyptians] have a president who is trying to establish his position somewhere in the middle and we have a group that is trying to establish themselves on the right wing. And you`re having a similar situation in the U.S. We are coming up to elections now in less than two months. There is a right wing fringe there as well. So, you`ve got a right wing and a right wing. Both minorities, both trying to provoke people and a whole lot of people with very, very, sometimes legitimate grievances, but sometimes utterly senseless grievances, being caught in the middle.
Eltahawy was even featured on the September 15 NBC Nightly News decrying America’s long-term support for Egyptian dictators. Here’s how the New York Post characterized the subway fight:

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