Friday, September 21, 2012

"Obama, our patience has its limit. Don't blame us if your citizens die. Blame yourself. U started it!"

The plot is thickening for Obama and his dealings with global Islam. The man who promised that dealings with Muslims would ease once he was elected president, is now seeing in dramatic detail, just how false that representation was to the American people.

Many have known from the beginning, that his attempts to placate Muslims would at best be met with contempt, but now his Muslim brothers are coming after him directly and telling him and America directly what their perceptions adn intentions are.

Can America afford to stand idly by and wait for this imposter to act or react to the threats that are mounting daily? Many always worry about October surprises in any election cycle. What will happen to blow the doors off of set perceptions of one candidate or the other.

Obama's October surprise may very well become his Jimmy Carter moment when he has to look the American people in the eye and admit that he has failed them in the face of a devastating attack on this country.

Islam globally is not the friend of America or Barack Obama. By the faithful, he is looked at on at best as a political opportunist to be exploited. While he is looked on by others as an apostate to islam and just another infidel to put to the sword.

Watch the words coming out of the middle east as this crisis sickens and continues to spread. America is in jeopardy and those with common sense can both see it and sense it.
 Malaysian protesters burn US flag over anti-Islam film

About 3,000 Muslims marched on the US embassy in Malaysia on Friday, burning an American flag, over a US-made film that has sparked anger in the Islamic world.
Malaysian protesters burn US flag over anti-Islam filmAlthough there was no violence, angry demonstrators declared their willingness to sacrifice their lives to defend the honour of Prophet Mohammed and warned "there will be consequences" over the film.

"We will not allow the prophet to be insulted. We are willing to sacrifice our lives and property," said Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man, an official with the opposition Pan-Malaysian Islamic Party (PAS), which spearheaded the march.

About 60 percent of Malaysia's 28 million people are Malay-Muslims.

Protesters shouted "Allahu Akbar" (God is greatest) and held up signs denouncing the film, America and Jews.

One placard read: "Obama, our patience has its limit. Don't blame us if your citizens die. Blame yourself. U started it!"

Demonstrators handed a memo to an American embassy official, demanding a US apology, "maximum sentences" for the movie-makers and an investigation into whether there was a "planned agenda to provoke hatred and anger towards Muslims".

However, PAS officials said they were not behind the flag burning, and condemned it.

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