Tuesday, September 18, 2012

More "leaked" videos of Romney

It appears that the newest attack of democrats against Mitt Romney is to "leak" videos of Mitt Romney taken during a May 2012 fund raising dinner. I am sure that both the leftist and their media minions are wetting themselves believing these video "leaks" represent a bigger political coup than the Kate Middleton nude paparazzi photos. But do they?

So far from what I have seen and heard of Romney's remarks on these much touted "leaked videos," is precisely the kinds of things that mainstream conservatives think and believe already. Mitt Romney isn't plowing any new ground and he isn't revealing any state secrets of his own or the republican party. What he is doing is speaking truth to the liberal power elitist in the democrat controlled media as it concerns the paid voters of the left and the reality as it concerns Palestine and Israel.

47% of Americans don't pay any federal income tax and that same 47% expects and demands the government to give them more entitlements. That same 47% are not likely to vote for Mitt Romney and he knows it.

As it concerns the Palestinians and the middle east, there is no placating of appeasing the radicals of Islam. Creating a Palestinian state resolves nothing. What it does do as Romney rightly points out, is place a launching pad right next door to the Israelis. As a result, they like anyone else in a similar situation, are prepared to defend themselves and to prevent that from happening.

On a lesser point, I would be interested to learn who paid the $50,000 to infiltrate Romney's fund raiser.

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