Friday, September 07, 2012

Where is America headed?

This is one of my personal blogs. My own thinking on the matter. Look it over and decide for yourself what you think.

I asked myself that question this morning and the answers that came to my mind are troubling. I remember thirty five years ago, when I was taking a college psychology course , a point that was made by our professor. She said that normalcy or sanity and insanity were determined by the evolving social mores of society at any given moment. Simply stated, what is perceived as nomal or sane at any given moment, it determined by what society chooses to allow or tolerate.

In previous generations, if a woman became pregnant out of wedlock, that was considered a social taboo and it was strongly frowned upon. Hence, there weren't that many women giving birth to babies out of wedlock. This was in the era prior to legalized abortion, therefore, it can't be said they were just having abortions.

Yet look what happened the minuted "the pill" was discovered and followed by legalized abortions. Societal perspectives immediately began to shift to the point where long ago out of wedlock births were not only accepted, but they were celebrated as a new form of liberation. Much like the alleged right to choice and abortion were hailed as liberating moments.So what was it again that was so liberating? the murder of over forty million unborn babies is a milestone and a sign of liberation. Something to be both embraced and celebrated by society?

The present societal frontier of change is squarely centered on same sex marriage as a right. Thousands of years of human history and the relevant teachings of all recognized religions lie contrary to the present representations, but none the less the majority is held out to be wrong if they refuse to accept a premise that goes against every moral belief and religious teaching known to humanity.

So are the ways of egalitarianism.  Egalitarianism is the mechanism by which societal change has been accomplished over the past fifty years at such a rapid rate. Combined with a mass media that hungers and craves controversy and their own ability to affect social perspectives, the average American is at a decided losing position to even begin to challenge what is taking place.

Americans who's only crime is a belief in Jesus Christ are now routinely criticized and demonized by the free thinkers of egalitarianism. Christians are held up and represented as 'haters' for their failure to embrace the new age representations of supposed equality and fairness. A time is rapidly approaching (as it already exists in the UK), where Americans will be criminally prosecuted for hate crimes for espousing any level of belief in Christianity that conflicts with homosexuality.

How did we as a nation arrive at this juncture in our history. I say it began in the 1930's and gained second generation steam and momentum in the 1960's and once again the generational boost of those raised to believe in alternative truths and realities was propelled that much farther in the 90's. As it stands, by the time the present generation reaches majority in another ten years, the transition will be all but complete.

Everything that we older Americans were raised to respect and believe in, has been and is being replaced by alternative truth an the egalitarian appeals for more openness and more fairness. Where does it all end? It doesn't end. It proceeds forward until it crashes and chaos and crisis reign supreme. If you want to know what your future holds, just look around at what is being presented to you daily as normalcy. Was any of this considered normal when you were growing up? The examples are countless, just review the issues and the realities that exist now and compare them against what you know and knew to be right.

Are these the changes that you have been told to believe in? Are these the changes that will lead to a better and more fulfilling life for you and your family? Or are these changes that will relegate you and yours to a one size fits all existence of dependency on powers and influences that you have no choice but to follow.

If someone had told me twenty years ago that i would be seeing and hearing God openly booed at a political convention in America, I would have said they were crazy. If someone had told me back then that the foremost social issue in America would become whethere men could marry men and women could marry women? I would have said they were crazy.

It retrospect looking back over my life, I now see what my old psychology professor was saying. It wasn't just that she was saying it, it was more that she was giving us a peek in the box and a look into our futures as it concerned the social engines of change. She had already observed many changes and she knew that more were looming on our horizons. Those changes are here now and as bad as they may seem to myself and others, the reality is far more dire. There are far worse changed looming on the horizon as a result of our social complacency as a nation to stop the runaway train of egalitarianism.

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing." (Edmund Burke)

How much more truth has ever been stated. The founding fathers of this nation and those who died giving birth to her knew the perils of societal abuse of the god given rights of freedom, as they knew the perils that awaited this nation if we ever turned our backs on the principles that caused this nation to be forged in fire and blood to begin with.

We as a nation we literally stand at the great abyss of a historic epoch of demise and destruction. Our fate has all but been decided by successive generations of those who failed in their responsibility to maintain the social mores that would sustain us and our freedoms.  Many have noted that freedom isn't free, someone in each successive generation must pay the price to insure that freedom carries on. In the absence of those willing to sacrifice their own personal desires for the better good of the nation, the nation crumbles from within and eventually collapses.

Benjamin Franklin rightly noted that "those who would trade freedom for security, deserve neither." I have to agree. Americans have long since bartered their freedoms and their future on the alter of promises and lies put forth by the mantra of egalitarian fairness. The simple truth is, the more a society pursues the phantom of fairness, the more freedoms of individuality are lost and the less fairness prevails for all except the privileged and controlling classes.

If you want to know where this nation is headed, simply look back over your life and see where it has been and look closely at who took us there. Where are they now? Are they suffering the same consequences as you? Do those who aspire to tell you to allow them to have the power and control over your life, truly give a tinker's dam what the effect of their ideologies will have in the long term?  I don't think so. As a matter of fact, I know they don't. Theirs is a story of greed as old as the story of Cain and Abel and as long as they are allowed to get away with it, they too will kill their brothers for their own interests and wealth.

Make no mistake, don't listen to me or others who are sounding the warnings. Do the math yourself. Do your own research. Read the history books that you were never given in public schools. Learn your past so that you can see your future, before it is too late. the plans were laid for the destruction of this nation long before most of us were born and those involved in carrying out our demise are ever diligent and working toward their goals. 

Stop looking at and listening to the American media blindly. Challenge them. Challenge their representations and challenge their represent truths. It was there responsibility. It was given to them in the same constitution that most of them now abhor. It is time for the people to be told the truth. Become one of the growing numbers of Americans who are finally realizing they have been lied to. There is no Nirvana, there is no land of milk and honey compliments of any government. People have to work for their needs and their desires and when they choose to help others, that is the natural order of nature. Perspectives of illusion cannot be long sustained. Eventually the truth bleeds through the pages and the people see revealed the lies they have been told. 

The time is now. “And you will know the truth, and that truth will set you free.” God's words. Hear them and know them, while you still can.

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