Wednesday, September 05, 2012

When you can't defend your position, roll out Hitler

They call it Godwin's Law. When you have completely lost all ability at retort or response to defend your position, the first dog to leap onto the table is the accusation of Nazism or calling the opposition Hitler.

Leftist democrats cannot defend their lunacy reasonably intellectually or responsibly. Hence the immediate reduction into name calling and their favored attack by far, is to call the opposition Nazis or Hitler. 

Harpootlian the Hooligan

South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley blasted Dick Harpootlian, the top Democrat in her state, for comparing her to Adolf Hitler’s mistress, Eva Braun.
“Dick Harpootlian is an angry, hateful man that continues to embarrass South Carolina every time he opens his mouth. I am spending every day trying to tell South Carolinians and the rest of the country why we should be proud of our state, and he spends every day trying to diminish that. So it’s just unfortunate,” Haley said at a Wednesday afternoon press conference at the Charlotte’s NASCAR Hall of Fame.
Harpootlian, an outspoken leader of the South Carolina Democratic Party, made waves when he invoked the Nazis to describe Haley’s appearance yesterday at a RNC press conference.

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