Thursday, September 27, 2012

Obama's designated hitter to challenge the curve

There is a new Clint Eastwood movie in theaters and perhaps his talking to the chair moment at the republican convention isn't the only irony involving Eastwood and the Obama administration of late. Clint's new film "Trouble with the curve," could very easily signal an ever increasing reality concerning the Obama administration and its failures to handle tough pitches in middle eastern policy.

Obama has trouble with the curve of leadership that is for certain. To tell the truth, using a purely baseball metaphor, this guy can't hit a damn thing that isn't softball sized and lobbed down the middle for him to tag to the applause of the sycophants and party zombies who still think he is the messiah. .

Hence Hillary Clinton's re-emergence onto the big stage this week as a designated hitter.  This is the same woman who ran against Obama in 2008 and who would have been the president absent the complicit conspiracy of American media and Chicago politics via subversive political shadow parties like Obama's new party channeled by the likes of Bill Ayers.

Yet here Hillary is once again. Come to step to the plate and attempt to save the game in the middle of the 8th, with two outs and the world pitching curve balls at the Chi town hustler's team.  Think about it. Should we root for Hillary? Should we hope that she can make chicken salad from chicken manure? Should we support that which we know to be wrong headed and dangerous middle eastern policy by a demonstrably failed administration? I don't thinks so. As Clint aptly pointed out, sometimes when the guy isn't doing the job, you just have to let him go.

I am hoping America remembers that come six weeks from now.

The State Department confirmed late Wednesday that Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton will meet in New York on Thursday with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu after he delivers a speech to the U.N. General Assembly likely to focus heavily on the threat of a nuclear-armed Iran.

The meeting, which arrives amid heightened concern in Washington about the possibility that Israel is preparing a pre-emptive military strike against Iran, rounds out a week in which Mrs. Clinton has taken the lead for the Obama administration in connecting face to face with Middle Eastern leaders after the widespread anti-U.S. demonstrations that swept the region.

While past U.S. presidential election years have seen incumbents from both sides of the isle avoid the hectic schedule — and sensitive politics — associated with such high-level U.N. meetings, Mr. Obama has faced harsh criticism for opting to personally avoid them this week.

In his place, Mrs. Clinton has met with, among others, Presidents Mohammed Morsi of Egypt, Asif Ali Zardari of Pakistan and Mohamed Magariaf of Libya — three nations in which the anti-U.S. demonstrations tied to the recent YouTube clip denigrating Islam’s Prophet Mohammad were the most fierce this month.

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