Monday, September 24, 2012

"the one organizing principle has been Islam.'"

Here is the president of the United States speaking of the recent attacks on our embassy in Libya and the murder of our ambassador as  bumps in the road, but more telling is his reference "the one organizing principle has been Islam.the one organizing principle has been Islam.'

Obama describes murder of U.S. ambassador to Libya and Mid East violence as 'bumps in the road'

President Barack Obama referred to recent events in the Middle East, including violent attacks on embassies and the terrorist murder of a US ambassador and three other Americans, as 'bumps in the road'.
The comment came in Obama's CBS '60 Minutes' interview that aired on Sunday night. 
Steve Kroft, the interviewer, asked: 'Have the events that took place in the Middle East, the recent events in the Middle East given you any pause about your support for the governments that have come to power following the Arab Spring?
Obama responded: 'Well, I’d said even at the time that this is going to be a rocky path. The question presumes that somehow we could have stopped this wave of change. 
Bumps in the road: The President said the killing of ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans in Libya was some of the 'bumps in the road' along the 'rocky path' to Middle Eastern peace
Terror attack: It took the White House some days to admit the sacking of the consulate in Benghazi was pre-planned
'I think it was absolutely the right thing for us to do to align ourselves with democracy, universal rights — a notion that people have to be able to participate in their own governance. 
'But I was pretty certain and continue to be pretty certain that there are going to be bumps in the road because, you know, in a lot of these places, the one organizing principle has been Islam.' 

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