Friday, September 07, 2012

Madonna wanted to show her Ass

So....looks like Madonna wanted to make a point. The use to be material girl who is quickly fading into the backdrop of use to be pop culture artist, told the crowd at Yankee stadium last night that she really wanted to show her ass.

After which, she took off her blouse and once again exposed herself. Only this tie, the letters Obama were stenciled across her back. So....if you are following the introduction? It appears that Barack Obama is Madonna's ASS.nothing this woman does at this point in her life is either provocative or even remotely interesting.

Obama's Ass
Provocative pop star Madonna revealed more than skin when she pulled off her top at her New York concert Thursday -- showing off black letters on her lower back spelling "OBAMA."
"Tonight I'm not going to show my ass," she said, according to US media."I'm going to show my feelings. How's that for living dangerously?"
Photos of the singer -- standing with her back to the 40,000-strong Yankee Stadium crowd in a black bra with the letters painted below -- were immediately tweeted by concertgoers.
 Nothing like seeing a fifty something has been half naked and showing what little talent she has left. 

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