Monday, September 24, 2012

The flag of his father


I am sorry, but this really pisses me off!

I suppose? This latest effort of team Obama goes with the "Dreams of my father" Obama collection of nuanced arrogance.

I have been seeing this flag represented in various sources for the past week or so across media reports. I literally thought that it was some slam representation aimed at the Obama camp by well meaning but over the top opposition groups.

Little did I know.

And now I come to find out that yes, this is a real rendition of their version of America's flag, made available on the Obama campaign website no less as a fund raiser. And once again the allies of hope have closed ranks to explain away the arrogance and any connectivity to the man's arrogance and the reality of how these people view this nation and its symbols. .

See Snopes


James said...

It's my understanding that our Constitution is viewed as archaic and an outdated nuisance to many folks as well. A few years ago when I first heard of that concept, I could not fathom that anyone would think so.

XtnYoda said...

I may very well be crazy, but sometimes I wonder if the president is not trying his best to not get elected again?

Prime said...

I don't think so. I think what we are seeing is pure unabashed arrogance. He does these things, because he literally has no fear. Why should he. He owns the media. They have turned their heads and averted their eyes and ears for the duration of this administration. And even those who call themselves trying to report honestly are in fear of white house retaliation for telling too much of the truth.