Thursday, September 13, 2012

Arabs call on UN to intervene to silence freedom of speech

The time has come and passed for America to satnd up to these sharia inspired Arab clerics and other Muslim radicals and let them know, that we don't give a damn what they think of our freedoms. That and the fact that Americans will fight for their freedoms, regardless of the present interloping Muslim sympathizer in chief who is in the white house.

Many have warned for years of the growing threat of the UN and Americans had better be paying attention, especially with Obama in the white house. There is no telling the extent that he and those like Eric Holder will go to to sell this country out to international socialist and Islamic extremist.

Arab-Israeli Muslim men protest in front of the U.S. embassy in the Mediterranean coastal city of Tel Aviv on Sept. 13, 2012 against a film mocking Islam. (credit: JACK GUEZ/AFP/Getty Images) More Photos

Israeli Arab Official Warns Of ‘Armageddon’ Over Anti-Islam Film

Israeli Arabs protest outside the U.S. Embassy in Tel Aviv Thursday following the attacks on U.S. compounds in Libya, Egypt and Yemen.
The Times of Israel reports about 100 peaceful demonstrators marched outside the embassy to protest the anti-Islam movie which mocks the prophet Muhammad.
A radical group called the Northern Branch of the Islamic Movement led the demonstration, according to the Times of Israel.
A top Israeli Arab Knesset official warned of “Armageddon” if the United Nations does not intervene.
“If the U.N. does not mobilize to stop this erosion, it will be Armageddon,” MK Talab el-Sana told the Israeli paper.
This is the latest round of protests on the heels of the attacks on U.S. compounds in Libya, Yemen and Egypt.
U.S. ambassador to Libya Chris Stevens and three American personnel were killed at the Benghazi embassy, in which officials believe now may be part of a terrorist attack.
In Sanaa, Yemen, and Cairo, Egypt, thousands stormed the embassies and burned the American flag.

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