Wednesday, March 05, 2014

America's Military Capability Has Already Been Eroded

Those who might tend to disagree with this reality and those who tend to support the interloper in chief and his puppet Chuck Hagel's position on down sizing the US military, might be surprised to learn that our military capability has already been compromised.

The recent events surrounding the Russian invasion of the Ukraine, combined with the increased militarization of the Chinese military have already demonstrated this clearly.  Now comes America's top general to further drive home the reality that true Americans already know to be the reality. America has been toppled from super power status by Barack Obama and his five years of steady actions to reduce and diminish American military capability over the past six years. 
“The smaller and less capable military outlined in the QDR makes meeting these obligations more difficult,” he said. “Most of our platforms and equipment will be older, and our advantages in some domains will have eroded. Our loss of depth across the force could reduce our ability to intimidate opponents from escalating conflicts.”
This is no joke people, America is in trouble and our ability to honor our commitments to others have already been jeopardized, but worse than that, our ability to defend ourselves against attacks and invasion is diminished exponentially, every day that this man is in office.

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