Monday, March 03, 2014

So....You Don't Believe China Presents a Threat To America

On the heels of the news this morning that China has back the Russians in the Ukraine, come an interesting report concerning china that should have a lot of Americans concerned.  According to reports, the Chinese have now deployed Dongfeng-26C (DF-26C) missiles capable of threatening American military forces in Guam.

Some might be asking the intelligent question of why.  It is no more complicated than the relatively simply mathematics of geopolitical realities in our present day world. China is preparing to invade and take back Taiwan.  Call it annexation akin to what Vladimir Putin has just done in the Ukraine, or akin to what Hitler did to Austria in 1938, either way, the end result remains the same.

Hitler annexed Austria before he invaded Poland and ultimately France and no one in the League of Nations or Europe so much as coughed.  Neville Chamberlain continued to assure the British people and the European people that he had Hitler's word of nonaggression.  Well....we saw how that worked out didn't we.

Fast forward seventy five years and what is occurring in real time with the Russians in the Ukraine and what is soon to be occurring with the Chinese in the immediate future concerning Taiwan and other Asian nations is simply history repeating itself.  Our forefathers warned us. We were told to remain vigilant and not to succumb to the intoxicating effects of socialism.

Well....welcome to the world of today. I'll bet that when most Americans woke up this morning, they never realized that they were entering the first chapters of the decline of America and the risen superiority of our adversary enemies in Russia and China.

Stay tuned folks and watch what happens as the interloping Fabian socialist who occupies this nation's highest office is belittled and relegated to the the position of a helpless bystander. Watch as America is ridiculed and our demised is celebrated globally. Watch as America ceases to be relevant concerning world events period.

Its happening, right now as we speak.

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