Sunday, March 02, 2014

The Worm Hole Re-Appears

Last October I stopped contributing to this blog. I stopped writing blogs everyday period. I was simply tired and overwhelmed with what I was seeing in the world each day and the general lack of concern by Americans who should care. The utter ambivalence of mainstream Americans toward the root of their misery, much less the truth surrounding who is responsible seemed a non-worthy aspect of interest to most I encountered each day. I reached a point where I felt as if I were talking to a wall and apparently I was. I like many others, took to other forms of social media in the belief that there were possibly other places where educated and concerned Americans could come together to discuss the news of the day, social issues and the politics of this nation in a civil and beneficial format.

What I discovered and what I have come to realize in the last five months, is that social media as we know it in America, specifically: Facebook,Twitter and Pinterest, are nothing more than controlled mechanisms for government manipulated and ineffectual drama and gossip. These social media applications are no more than media controlled outlets in cyberspace, designed to amuse, entertain and placate the masses while concealing the truth of our condition.

These media applications are absent any serious intent at discussion or the meaningful issues of our daily lives. Social media applications are merely entertainment venues for those content to allow others to control their lives and their thinking via manipulative media content. Social media applications exist solely as places for sharing the silly, the dramatic and the mundane. All that is required to verify that fact is a simple status update involving anything other than silliness or gossip.  Post a provocative thought or an individual reflection of social substance on your status concerning society, world events, religion, or politics? And sit back and listen to the crickets chirp. People for the most part, simply don't care.  They would rather play their games and gossip about others than delve into anything that might cause them to question their comfortable media controlled lives.

In my observations and experience, the primary function of these so called social media sites, is to keep Americans in a stupor of oblivion to what is really happening to their lives and to their country. While the elites in control continue to assimilate the body of American thought into a unified melding of non thinking government controlled and crafted realities . Those who control media have intentionally crafted a mass of people who are dependent on government sponsored media for their very thoughts and existence each day.  America has become a nation of those gladly waiting to be told what to think.  Serious conversations between people on social media sires, exists about as frequently as the occurrence of the birth of new galaxies in our universe.  In other words, rarely.

Meanwhile, the American condition continues to worsen each day. Our economy remains a cloistered success for a limited few elites and the majority of Americans remain in an economic tailspin devoid of any understanding of who and what is causing and prolonging their physical, emotional and economic condition. Most people in America do not realize that they are living from day to day, paycheck to paycheck, in a world that is controlled by an elitist few.  The average American no longer recognizes that their lives are controlled by media and politically correct thought speak as Orwell warned us would happen sixty five years ago. More precisely, government controlled thinking via a complicit media that daily feeds government controlled spin to the masses is the reality. This reality is what the majority of Americans now plug into daily and believe to be the truth of their lives.

Our news and information is no longer either news or information. Our press is no longer free or in any position of oversight concerning government. The founding fathers gave what was then the press and what is now the media, the right and responsibility to protect us from tyranny.  What we receive from the media each day now is a carefully constructed series of daily feedings of what we are told to believe is truth and reality. The media in America has abdicated it's responsibility to the American people and the Constitution. Present day, we are given a glitzy format that is designed to make us love the celebrity personalities of media, while we are conditioned to overlook the content of what is being reported by those who have both betrayed and bastardized the press in America.

Our opinions are fed to us each day by an omnipresent media that obeys the decrees of government. We are satiated as a nation by the endless stimulation of our most basic voyeuristic social emotions via television and the internet. Mean while, our lives and our rights as Americans are assaulted and destroyed bit by bit each day. We are bombarded by the constant stream of so called reality based offerings, mingled with what is no less than a Broadway production of today's news reports. Programming that is sanitized of truth and honest perspectives and absent any critical analysis of what is happening in our world each day.

As I re-open this blog, I intend to shine light on what we are told is the truth by our media and government each day. The truth that I recognize as the realities of our existence and the truth as the unvarnished reality of what is actually happening in our world will be the object of my analysis of what is reported.

I do not pretend to be a professional pundit or a widely followed blogger. I am not a doctor of letters and I do not have an experienced career or history as a learned professor of the disciplines of politics, science or the humanities, but I do believe that I am qualified as an individual of reasonable intelligence and a reasonable breadth of life and experience, to be explore the world of what I am told is the truth each day by media. I believe that I can contribute the benefit of my own critical thinking for those who care to listen and read. Hopefully, I can generate honest conversations among those who really do care about what happens to their country and those who really do care about our posterity as a nation.

So if you are interested, come along for the ride. Join in the conversation or move on to other interests if the thinking and conversations here bore you or are not aligned with what you think the world looks like through the looking glass of government controlled media spin.

Lastly, I have changed the name of this blog back to The Worm Hole.  Hopefully from this point forward I can contribute and post interesting and thought provoking conversation among those who venture here as an alternative to what is presented by mainstream media each day.  .  

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