Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Obama Turns a Blind Eye To The Ukraine? But Not Egypt.

Is this really surprising news out of the Obama administration? I don't believe so. Let's see what happens when the Russians do a little ethnic cleansing in the Ukraine once they invade fully.

Obama Tells Egypt – Don’t Execute 529 Muslim Brotherhood Comrades

We knew Obama wouldn’t sit idly by as the verdicts and the sentences of execution for 529 of his associates in Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood were announced without getting involved.

It took less than a day for his response to be issued in the form of a statement by the State Department.
The spokesperson denounced the speed of the trial and the resulting mass verdicts. Another similar proceeding involving an additional 683 Muslim Brotherhood defendants, which is getting underway is also being decried.
The spokesperson labeled the proceedings as representing “a flagrant disregard for basic standards of justice. The imposition of the death penalty for 529 defendants after a two day summary proceeding cannot be reconciled with Egypt’s obligations under international human rights law and the implementation of the sentences, as I said, would be unconscionable.
We cannot and should not credibly entertain the prospect that a two day trial resulting in the sentencing of 529 people to death could respect the fair trial safeguards guaranteed by international law.
We are making clear to the Egyptian government that these verdicts cannot be allowed to stand.”
The Egyptian government is trying to rid itself of the same plague which has infested and continues to infiltrate the leadership of government at all levels in America. While it may not be the way that we choose to eliminate this scourge, their methods may ultimately, be much more effective.
Their Muslim Brotherhood leaders are sitting in prison. Ours are conducting policy.
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