Sunday, March 16, 2014

Why The White House Hasn’t Released Photos Of Osama bin Laden’s Corpse

You may not care if Bin Laden got some extra holes punched in him, few of us do, but what should concern you is a trend within certain special operations units to engage in this type of self-indulgent, and ultimately criminal, behavior.  Gone unchecked, these actions get worse over time.
The really sad part of this article alleging explanation for the U.S. government's failure tp release
Bin Ladin's death photos, is the unmitigated tripe that the author uses to attempt an explanation.  Sadam Hussein's photos were released! So were the autopsy photos of his two dead heathen sons, so why not Bin Ladin's?

Really? The reason Bin Ladin's photos have not been released? Is because the U.S. Government is embarrassed to reveal what Seal Team Six did to the sorry bastard?  Not releasing the photos of Bin Ladin has absolutely nothing to do with how many times he was shot, which also seems to be a fabrication of the mind to the author.

Any reasoned thinking person knows, that once the SEALS entered that compound and having already lost one of their assault helicopters, there was no dallying, there was no delaying. There was no "hey look at this! Come pump some lead into this dead bag of sh#t!. Once they had Bin Ladin down, they bagged him and loaded the remains on a chopper and de-assed the area. That is what these special forces operators are trained to do and that s what they did.

When Bin Ladin's remains arrived aboard the U.S. aircraft carrier on the gulf? Does anyone honestly believe that the SEALS or anyone else stood around emptying clips of ammo into his sorry ass? Or that they all had a group photo for old time sake? Simply stated, none of that happened and the author of this piece knows it didn't happen.

If you want to know why Bin Ladin's death photos have not been released? Look no further than the while House and this president. The man who bows to Muslim kings and the man who can recite Muslim prayers, along with exacting ethnic vocal inflection, has made the decision to not disrespect those he believes are his true friends in the middle east. Barack Obama bows regularly to his true religious allegiances and the American media winks and nods.

No sir Mr. former special forces operator author.  Your Bullshite don't wash.  Too much revealed essence of egalitarian controlled dream works and unmitigated tripe. It never happened that way and you know it, so stop carrying their water for them by spreading lies and crapola. The only self indulgent behavior I am seeing is your own self serving hustle of tripe that your tale represents.

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