Sunday, March 02, 2014

34 Dead 109 Wounded and No Guns Involved.

KUNMING, China (AP) - Authorities on Sunday blamed a slashing rampage that killed 29 people and wounded 143 at a train station in southern China on separatists from the country's far west, while local residents said government crackdowns had taken their toll on the alleged culprits.
Police fatally shot four of the assailants - putting the overall death toll at 33 - and captured another after the attack late Saturday in Kunming, the capital of Yunnan province, the official Xinhua News Agency said. But authorities were searching for at least five more of the black-clad attackers.
State broadcaster CCTV said two of the assailants were women, including one of the slain and the one detained. Read more at:

So..... there are 34 dead and 109 wounded in a terrorist attack in China.  And the amazing thing? No firearms or explosives were used. Only knives.  Knives from 1-2 foot in length, were used for slashing and stabbing by the "terrorist."  Another notable twist is the acknowledgement that there were women attackers in this group of terrorists. 

No mention of religious overtones, all that is being reported is that "terrorists" were involved. Terrorists is now the favored term on media when they want to attributed a different spin to the reality.

The reality being overlooked by media is that the Uyghur people listed as responsible for this attack are Muslims. So what would make a band of Chinese Muslims, (the religion of peace) act and react in a manner where they would attack and kill 34 and wound 109. 

Some interesting reading can be found on the Turjic
Uyghur people of China and the former Soviet Union.   I expect there will be a significant crack down on the Uyghur in China by the Chinese government, although you probably won't hear much about it. 

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