Tuesday, March 04, 2014

A Rise Of The Fourth Reich?

Vladimir Putin, today began to float the straw man argument, that he and his forces are simply confronting and quelling a Nazi inspired conspiracy to overthrow the presidency of the Ukraine. 
An interesting argument if it were true, but it's not.  Putin's allegation lashes out at what he perceives and conservative right wing extremist, those he considers to be led and inspired by Neo-Nazi's
This is nothing more than a ruse and this is nothing more than Putin's attempt to falsely assign responsibility to an entity that doesn't even exist in the Ukraine.

Stay tuned and watch the American media as they will pick up that representation and run with it. Everything in opposition to the leftist media world is always attributable to the ghost of Nazism. What better bogey man could Putin have possibly invoked to garner support with leftist western media. Take a close look at the Ukrainian partisans pictured below. Do you see any symbols of Nazism? Any armbands or Nazi signs?  Me neither.. 

In the propaganda war raging over Ukraine’s revolution, Russia is playing up claims of neo-Nazi involvement in the protests that toppled Viktor Yanukovych, alleging the far right is on the rise in the former Soviet republic and was crucial in the Ukrainian president’s downfall.
The allegations have stirred up memories of the ugly complicity of some Ukrainians’ with German pogroms of Jews in World War II in which hundreds of thousands of Ukrainian Jews died. Russian propagandists -- including President Vladimir Putin -- point to roles of the ultra-nationalist political party Svoboda and neo-Nazi faction the Right Sector in the revolution as evidence.
"We've seen lots of people, you know, with those signs -- armbands with swastikas," Putin said Tuesday. "There could be some unknown personality who could grab the power who could have serious consequences."

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