Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Biden Tells Europe: "We Got Your Back."

Vice president Joe Biden was in Poland and Estonia today, reassuring our allies that America will fully support NATO countries against any threat that Russia may present to their safety.   I don't know how the Polish people and Europeans think? but I feel better already.  Uncle Joe followed up his statements with this remark concerning American resolve.

“You have an ally whose budget is larger than the next 10 nations in the world combined, so don’t worry about where we are,” Biden said Tuesday during his visit with Polish President Bronislaw Komorowsk in Warsaw.

So there you have it. America has a budget, that is 17 Trillion dollars in the red, we are reducing our military to pre-world war two levels, Sequestration, has already significantly reduced America's ability to maintain any resemblance of our previous military capability and Uncle Joe is telling our NATO allies that they should have no fear, because America stands behind them with a budget larger than the ten next ten nations combined! I am just guessing? But I think the inference Joe was making was that we will try and buy the Russians off, because it is a damn sight for sure we can't fight them off now.  I sure hope Biden checked our credit line with China before he made that promise.

I don't know how Biden's statements make our allies feel? But I know how it makes me feel.  I am all laughs. Let's watch this as it develops with Putin and the Russians and the annexation of Crimea, soon to be the entire Ukrainian peninsula. Obviously, the eastern Europeans don't realize that we and our British allies promised via a signed treaty during Bill Clinton's term, to stand by and support the Ukraine against any invasion of their sovereign territories.

All the Ukrainians needed to do? was get rid of their (former Soviet) nuclear arsenal and reduce their army by 75% and America and Britain and the "new" Russia would protect them. I wonder how that deal is working out for the Ukrainians right now. Probably the same way American promises and Biden's "we got your back" statements are playing with the eastern Europeans and former Soviet satellite countries. 

If I lived in Poland or Estonia or any of the former Soviet satellites?  I'd be packing my trash and heading west before the storm and it's Russian troopers arrived.  But that's just me.

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