Monday, March 03, 2014

Russia and China One, America Zero

In the news this morning overnight, the crisis in the Ukraine deepens.  Last night the White House made the announcement that Secretary of State John Kerry would be flying to the Ukraine today to meet with members of the Ukraine government. Softly, softly catchy monkey? The Russians may not approve of your mingling and they might just decide to keep you on ice for a bit. I am told Siberia is lovely this time of year Mr. Secretary. By the way,  what is it precisely you intend to threaten the Russians with.  This is the big leagues winter soldier, Jane Fonda and Tom Hayden and the leftist in the US congress aren't recognized as threats by the Russians or the Chinese. So tread lightly or else you may actually earn a couple of medals this time around.

Meanwhile, the reports this morning are that the Chinese are backing the play of the Russians and supporting their actions in the Ukraine.  For those old enough to remember, the days of the Chinese and the Russians being at odds are over. As I and others have said for quite some tome, the Chinese and the Russians will unite as allies against their common enemy America and as we are now seeing, compliments of Barack Obama, that is now coming to pass.

Bill Clinton gave them the missile technology to zero in the telemetry of their nuclear ICBM's and over the past twenty five years they have attained a level of parity with America. In the last five years in particular, our government has stood by idly while both the Russians and the Chinese have built their military to the level where they can comfortably challenge the US military. And once their forces are combined, there is no doubt that they can defeat our military.

Say it isn't so?  Look at the reports and read between the lines folks.  We are a hair's breath away from having our future dictated from Moscow and Beijing and not a whisper in the US media of the threat on any level.  Softly, softly catchy the time the American people realize what is happening, it will all be over.

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