Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Obama's Worst Fear?

According to president Obama, the war on terror is over. America needs to expedite our exit from Afghanistan by the end of this year, while downsizing our military to ridiculous levels. Mean while Al Qaida has re-taken Fallujah and most of Iraq (unbeknownst to American media) therefore, the world is a beautiful place if you follow Obama's dreamworks portrait of American and world events.

Admitting that Syria is a problem, he considers Russia a mere regional power and he honestly believes that he has succeeded in isolating them. I wonder what Putin's take on that representation will be. 

If everything is well in hand? So why then is Obama's greatest fear, a dirty bomb attack on New York?  My guess is because he now knows that an attack is imminent and he is trying to play off the very real threat by appearing more concerned and more hands on while he plays off the events in Crimea and the Ukraine.

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