Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Apparently, much ado about nothing

There has never been any doubt concerning Hollywood's duplicity and outright bias when it comes to anything outside the realm of ultra liberalism. This week that reality shown through unabashedly so on the Jimmy Fallon show when Bachmann appeared as a guest. She is absolutely correct, there would have been hell to pay had the same slight been aimed at Michelle Obama.

Of course, we all realize that in the perfect world of liberalism, they would never attack Michelle Obama to begin with. But this has to make me wonder, just how long they have been dying to pull this. Probably waiting endlessly to do it to Sarah Palin.

And of course this was all maddeningly funny...Right?
Michelle Bachmann responds.

Republican candidate Michele Bachmann addressed the controversy surrounding her appearance on ‘Late Night With Jimmy Fallon’ this week, saying if what happened to her had happened to the First Lady, heads would have rolled.

When Bachmann was introduced on the Fallon's show Monday, Fallon’s house band, the Roots, played Fishbone’s song ‘Lyin’ Ass Bitch.’

Fallon has since apologized, and while Bachmann said she accepts the comedian’s apology, she thinks NBC should apologize as well.

“If that had been Michelle Obama, who’d come out on the stage, and if that song had been played for Michelle Obama, I have no doubt that NBC would have apologized to her and likely they would have fired the drummer, or at least suspended him," she told Fox News.

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