Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Blame game begins.

Who was it that thought this supposed bipartisan super committee was going to be able to reach a compromise on cutting the budget. They have about as much chance reaching a compromise as Custer did with Sitting Bull at the Little Big horn. It ain't gonna happen. Both sides are out for scalps and they both have been from day one.

And the all knowing all seeing oracle of the democrat party (Barack Obama) knew that going in. He had no hopes or desires of the super committee ever reaching any deals. He would much rather allow the supposd automatic cuts to take effect where he can justify literally gutting the American military.

Don't let these people fool you, this was the plan form the beginning and anyone that believes any differently is just a rube. John Kerry's sour puss at the end of the table in the photo says it all IMO.
Finger pointing to follow

Republicans and Democrats on the so-called Super Committee can't agree on much. But as the deficit-cutting panel careens toward a Wednesday deadline without a deficit-cutting deal, they can agree on this -- it's all the other side's fault.

In separate interviews across Washington Sunday, members of the committee charged with finding at least $1.2 trillion in savings hurled recriminations at one another for their apparent failure to strike an agreement. Sources close to the discussions indicate that, despite scattered last-ditch appeals for a deal, members of the panel are trying to figure out how to bring the process formally to a close.

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