Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The fix a butt scandal

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Some things are too bizarre to be true, but never the less they are. If 'stupid is as stupid does,' then these women are at the top of their class. they should warrant an entirely new classification of stupid. And this hustler needs to be sent to prison for life.

Possible Victims Come Forward in Bad Butt Injections Case

Several people have come forward claiming a transgender woman, who was arrested for allegedly injecting toxic substances into a woman's buttocks, performed similar procedures on them, health officials said Monday.

Oneal Ron Morris, 30, bonded out of jail after being arrested on Friday at a North Lauderdale home. She was charged with practicing medicine without a license with serious bodily injury after an investigation by Miami Gardens Police and the Florida Department of Health.

The health department was told by a victim in 2010 that Morris allegedly injected treatments into her buttocks, which resulted in life-threatening injuries. That victim was treated at several hospitals, had to go through surgeries, and was under the care of 24-hour home health aides for a long time, said Jennifer Hirst, DOH deputy press secretary in an email statement. There was also permanent scarring at the injection points.

Lab results determined that the substances injected into the victim included "household and automotive products to include superglue, mineral oil and 'Fix-a-Flat," according to the statement.

Morris, who police say is a man, appears to look like a woman and sports an apparently enhanced rear herself in arrest photos. It wasn't immediately known if she had an attorney.

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