Sunday, November 20, 2011

Commander, "give us our orders, give us our mission"

Chris Matthews says he (the president) doesn't like their company, referring to members of the house and senate. Chris seems upset. Apparently he's not getting those tingling feelings up his leg anymore. Something tells me that Chris is wondering where his phone call from the prez is also.

There’s nothing to root for. What are we trying to do in this administration? Why does he want a second administration? We he tell us? What’s he going to do with a second term? This? Is this it? Is this as good as it gets? Where do we go? Are we about to do something in this second term? He’s as yet to tell us. He has not said one thing about what he’d do in a second term… Is he going to deal with the long term debt system? How? Is he going to reform the tax system? How? Just tell us. Why are we in this fight with him? Just tell us commander, give us our orders and tell us where we’re going. Give us the mission. And, he hasn’t done it… I don’t have a sense that he’s ever had a meeting. I hear stories that you would not believe. Via the Gateway Pundit.

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