Monday, November 28, 2011

Defense Department paid for "Doobies" (UPDATED

You would think that supplying our troops in harms way, with the absolute best quality equipment and armament possible would be job one for major defense contractors and those who work for them.

You would think.....

Seventeen workers from the Tower Defense and Aerospace plant in Detroit have reportedly been suspended after an undercover investigation showed them smoking what appeared to be marijuana during their lunch break.
Fox affiliate WJBK-TV released exclusive footage last week showing several of the plant's workers allegedly drinking alcohol and smoking marijuana cigarettes while on a break. 

The plant reportedly manufactures armored parts for U.S. military trucks and planes, including parts for Humvees and Stryker combat vehicles to be sent to Afghanistan and Iraq.

After the station's report, officials from the plant said in a statement that 17 of its employees have been "suspended pending discharge."

They encourage a drug free environment? Maybe they should do a little quality control and follow up with their employees on lunch breaks. (UPDATE) Apparently they finally did....

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