Thursday, November 01, 2012

Bengazi, the truth about what really happened

As the next few days pass you can count on one very serious reality. The American media has absolutely no intention of following up on the Bengazi attack or what this president and his administration knew about the threats to our consulate in advance of the attack. The truth of those events as it is unfolding, doesn't play to the media meme of Obama the great and the media is collectively choosing to ignore it..

Meanwhile the back channel reports by lesser media entities continue to bubble and seep to the surface. We now know that the president did in fact know that it was a terrorist attack in Bengazi and we now know that he knew it in real time and while it was happening. Yet the president and Leon Panetta and Hillary Clinton stonewalled the American people for two weeks with the outright lie that the attract was attributable to Muslim anger over a youtube video and nothing more.

It has been subsequently revealed that the state department had warning at least a month in advance of a potential for attack. That means Hillary Clinton knew or should have known there was danger. The state department was told that militant actions in the region were on the rise and that the consulate could not be defended as it existed at that time if it were attacked.

We also know that emails and official communiques were sent between the Libyans and the Obama administration (State and Pentagon) as recently as 48 hours before the attack, indicating that there would be an attack. We now know that military assets and comanders in the region upon receiving pleas for help from the consulate  were told to stand down. Not once but repeatedly told to stand down and that is a very interesting turn of events that people are overlooking.

Who has to be told repeatedly to obey direct orders from the Pentagon and the president? Apparently at least one general and at least one admiral in the region who were preparing to send military assets into Libya to protect the ambassador and the other Americans who were under attack. But these commanders were told to stand down by their superiors repeatedly according to reports that are now surfacing. Both the general and the admiral have been recalled to Washington since the attack. Relieved of command and ordered to return to Washington. The commanding general over American forces in the African theater and the Admiral commanding the Carrier battle group John Stenis. Both have been summoned ack to Washington to explain their actions

No, America won't hear the truth about any of this in the near future if ever. Certainly not before the election next week. Certainly not before the complicit media has done everything in their power to cover for the interloper Barack Obama.  Certainly not before it is too late for the American people to know the truth about who was responsible for those American deaths and why.

America is in the darkest place we have ever been during our entire history and those responsible for They are willingly turning their backs on their people and their responsibility. Meanwhile, there is a rumor surfacing, that the Bengazi attack was in actuality a bungled kidnapping attempt. The intent of the attack having been to kidnap the ambassador and hold him rasom, the interesting and worrisome part being what the ransom was.

The rumors swirling are that Al Qaida intended to barter the ambassador for the Blind Sheik, who America now has in custody, having been transferred to America by the British. If this rumor proves to be true, then this could be a bomb shell revelation, but there is more. It is also rumored that the Obama administration was aware of the plan and that is why they ordered the military to stand down and not respond. The rumor is that they wanted the ambassador captured and traded for the Sheik. that this would give Obama the October surprise that he hoped would boost his re-election. By saving the ambassador and releasing the sheik to the Muslim world, he would bask in the glory of both worlds.

These are only rumors at this point, but if they prove to be true on any level in the future, then this president and all involved in the plan that allowed this to happen, or failed to respond should be tried as traitors to this nation..


XtnYoda said...

I truly pray to God that these are just rumors. The problem is that my gut tells me that they might not be, which tells me that I could believe that this was in fact the case.

Prime said...

There have already been too many lies Chuck. Where there is smoke there is fire and from where I sit there is a blaze.