Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Bill Clinton calling Mitt Romney a liar?

Sometimes the words fail me. Sometimes the words are so numerous as to overwhelm my reaction to seeing or hearing something. such was the case upon seeing and hearing this video of former president Bill Clinton stumping for Barack Obama in Ohio.

The words that immediately leaped upon my thinking were Gall! Audacity! Lack of shame! And a host of combinations of those and other phrases that best describe a man like Bill Clinton. A proven liar as president of these United States, he is standing here in this address attempting to make a compelling argument that Mitt Romney is a liar, while at the same moment lending his gifts of oratory to the concept that he himself is someone to be believed.

Absolutely freaking amazing!

And for the sake of balance, let's take the way back machine to a time when we can view the same purveyor of great truths and wisdom to the American people.

 I believe the American people know what Bill Clinton's level of truthfulness and integrity are; therefore, to see him speaking on behalf of Barack Obama and hustling his comedy of lies versus the truth while calling some one else a liar is truly amazing.

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