Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Approval rating of 51%

The president's approval rating is at 51% according to Gallup

I have a simple question: "Based on what?"

How can a majority of the American people continue to be so blind and stupid to the realities that they are facing?   Has the economy improved since the election? Do you look for it to improve? Has the unemployment rate dropped dramatically? Or at all for that matter? Has the cost of day to day necessities gone down and your pay check going farther? Are you looking to pay the same or less in taxes in the new year? Or are you worried like the rest of us, that you will be paying more taxes? Are you watching America go over the fiscal cliff? Are you concerned that the middle east is about to boil over into regional and global war?

If the answer to two or more of those questions is yes? Then how in hell can the American people be satisfied with Barack Obama and his policies of deceit and manipulative lies.

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