Monday, November 05, 2012

Roll them bones!

When all other means of prognostication fail the media? Bring in the Kenyan witch doctors and African bushmen to tell you what will happen in tomorrow's election. Follow that up with a cover piece on who the French are supporting and it truly is amazing to watch the headlines of American media roll by as this election comes to a close.

Meanwhile, Obama has been endorsed by Hugo Chavez, Fidel Castro and Vladimir Putin. Not to mention garnering the support and endorsement of the American Communist party. The first American president in history to do so from what I have read.

Certainly these are honors and distinctions befitting a prestigious leader such as president Obama. After all, he did win the Nobel Peace Prize within twenty minutes of taking the oath of office in 2009. How can he possibly follow that up? Wait! I have it! He could run for re-election and be defeated by both popular vote and the electoral college, only to win by a landslide of acclimation by his supporters in socialist Europe and communist countries.

There you have it. Why should we as Americans even concern ourselves with voting tomorrow. Let's just let the media pick the candidates then let the communists and Europeans tell us who they have determined should win and let that be that.

AP Photo

Obama favored in his ancestral Kenyan village

KOGELO, Kenya (AP) -- At President Barack Obama's ancestral village in Kenya, witch doctor John Dimo tossed some shells, bones and other items to determine who will win Tuesday's election.
After throwing the objects like so many dice outside his hut in Kogelo village, Dimo, who says he is 105 years old, points to a white shell and declares: "Obama is very far ahead and is definitely going to win."

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