Friday, November 09, 2012

Hillary & Holder leaving

If these two cabinet positions bail on the president, who fills the void? Rumors are that "Big Sis Napolitano" moves to AG, so who then for AG? Leon Panetta? Or maybe Axelrod. Or maybe Morgan Freeman? My vote is for a definite heavy like Morgan Freeman to play the part.

But then again? In the aftermath of such a bruising campaign,  I think there is definitely a place in this administration for Big Bird.....

Clinton to Step Down Probably 'Days' After Inauguration

1:17 PM, Nov 8, 2012 • By DANIEL HALPER

Hillary Clinton still intends to step down as secretary of state. That will take place likely "days" after President Barack Obama's second inauguration in January.
"The Secretary has been honored to serve as President Obama's Secretary of State, and has loved every minute of leading this Department and being part of the State family," a Clintons spokesman says in an email. "But yes, you can confirm yet again that she's been clear about her intention to leave after the first term."
When asked for clarification on what date Clinton would stepdown, the spokesman, Philippe Reines, says, "She has said that she wants to ensure continuity, and realizes the confirmation of her successor might take a period of days beyond that."
Reines, a long time Clinton loyalist, did not immediately respond to a question concerning what role he might play in (a possible) Clinton 2016 presidential campaign.

 Holder unsure whether he'll stay as AG, as election opens door to Cabinet reshuffle

Attorney General Eric Holder, who endured what was arguably the most embattled term of any Obama Cabinet member, said Thursday he doesn't know whether he'll stick around for another four years.
"Do I have some gas left in the tank? It has been an interesting and tough four years. I really just don't know," Holder said, during a session at the University of Baltimore Law School.
The comments effectively kick off Washington's guessing game over what President Obama's inner circle will look like in a second term. The president could try to retain the current Cabinet to whatever extent possible -- or hit the reset with a broad reshuffling, perhaps sending a signal to Republicans in Congress that he wants a new start. 

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