Wednesday, November 07, 2012

American History X. America's Political Epitaph 2012

In all truth, last night's election wasn't even close. It really never was. Regardless of what the popular vote was going to be, the leftist in America already knew they had it in the bag when it came to the electoral vote. Their minions in American media had already been preparing the ground to soften the blow two weeks in advance, which was really funny when you consider it.

Here were the very same people who twelve years ago were writing like vampires exposed to sunlight in the aftermath of George Bush's victory. Here were the very same people who have done everything in their power to eliminate the electoral system, state by stare, in the twelve years since their stinging loss to Bush.

Yet here they were last night basking in the glory of America's unique form of representative government and they were ecstatic once again singly because the result had ended in their favor.  Trust in the fact and the reality that had the result been the opposite, America would be burning this morning. There would  wide spread terror and looting in the streets perpetrated by the segments of our society whose only understanding of democracy is when they win and when they get what 'they' want., 

There will be no burning or terror or looting across America this morning, because the great messiah of the unwashed left has prevailed. They are basking in their victory and in the knowledge that this president now has full authority to conquer this nation via his  plans of socialism and class warfare. Watch for the cries for more government and more manna from Washington. Meanwhile, the leftist and the socialist embedded throughout  this administration will set about to further criminalize success as they seek to take what they have never been able to acquire of their own ability and re-distribute it to their favored followers.

Yes, this is the morning after and while the pundits and the soothsayers will spend the next few weeks trying to put a face of understanding on what has taken place in America, the reality will remain. America's epitaph was written last night and our eulogy will soon follow.

As someone who has observed and taken part in the great American political experiment on a limited individual basis over the course of my life, my epiphany of this nation's future came to me last night while watching the mid evening election returns. I knew instinctively when I saw the major networks acknowledging that Barack Obama had taken Pennsylvania that the race was over and Obama would prevail. Ohio would soon follow and Ohio was the lynch pin those on the left and in media were all waiting on.

Why did I know that? How could I see with such clarity considering my own limited political savvy and ability to read the political landscape? It was actually very simple, particularly for someone like myself who sees life through the acute prism of reality.

The turning point in this election for Barack Obama was provided by a simple understanding of American political motivations. A simple understanding of human greed. A simple understanding of American history and a simple understanding of the fact that regardless of truth or reality, a politician and party can always count on human greed to be the determining factor in politics.

What was the greed that propelled the outcome of this election? For those like myself who were watching and understanding what they were seeing, the propellant of human greed that decided this election for Barack Obama's socialism was the simple fact that he and the left had the labor unions.

Abraham Lincoln famously asserted that it was his intent above all else to preserve the Union, and in my opinion the preservation of labor unions in America ironically will be the determining factor for the now sealed fate of failure for this nation.

Lincoln said: "A house divided against itself cannot stand." He also said:
"If destruction be our lot, we must ourselves be its author and finisher. As a nation of freemen, we must live through all time, or die by suicide." I for one believe that what I witnessed as the outcome of this election is in fact a suicide by this nation.

For those who may have trouble following the logic, it really is rather simple. Why was Pennsylvania the key to Obama's victory last night? More so than Ohio? Simply stated, because of the unions. Pennsylvania a state rich in it's heritage of coal and oil production. A state that has literally been devastated economically over the last four years by Obama's economic and energy policies.

Pennsylvania, a state where Barack Obama's actions of the last four years have literally driven a stake through the heart of American coal and oil production. And yet Pennsylvania went to Barack Obama and by significant majority. How could that happen? How could generations of those in Pennsylvania literally cut their own throats economically by voting for the man who told them four years ago that he would bankrupt the American coal industry.

Think about those realities and the only answer that truly becomes easily apparent is labor unions. Labor unions all across New England and the mid west are who provided the turning point for Barack Obama's re-election last night. Union members are the only group that I know of who will historically vote against their own economic and political interests and they will historically do so in order to preserve their own labor unions.

Obama prevailed in Pennsylvania and Michigan and Ohio for one reason and one reason only. In these and other economically hard hit states the one common denominator of political decision is and remains labor unions. These were the people who voted against their own futures and the futures of their families yesterday and they did so in order to attempt to preserve their own self indulged and self serving illusions of unionism.

If you are looking for answers to who was responsible for driving a dagger through the heart of America last night, look no further than the American labor union movement and their allegiance to the socialist principles of class warfare. Labor unions by their very nature are socialism in practice.

The union motto is "get yours and screw the other guy."  I have seen it played out a thousand times during my life and last night I witnessed the ultimate culmination of that reality on a national level.  These union thugs, the same ones who a week ago were throwing rocks at power crews from the south in the aftermath of hurricane Sandy. The same union thugs who were throwing rocks and eggs at power crews who had driven a thousand miles to come help them out of their frigid misery and darkness.  These are the same people who gave this election to Barack Obama and sealed the fate of this nation as a whole.

How could anyone refuse the help of those who have absolutely no motivating interests other than to help people out of darkness and misery. Very simply as it turns out. These unionists stood by the side of the road and yelled "SCABS GO HOME" rather than accept the help and good intentions of those who had driven hundreds of miles to help them. Their union mentality wouldn't allow them to accept help period.

There was nothing to be gained and there were no jobs to be lost by these union thugs and their minions who spit in the face of other Americans who were only trying to help them, but that is not the way they saw it. Their union mentalities have completely blinded them to all truth and reality. The rose colored glasses that those in these unionist states wear, see only what they are allowed to see and only what they are programmed to see by their unions.

American labor unions didn't throw America under the bus last night, American labor unions literally shoved America onto the buses of unionized class warfare and then ran down any opposition who stood to prevent them from an Obama victory. So, if you are one of the millions this morning who are wondering what happened and you are one of the millions who simply cannot understand how so many people can vote against their own interests? Now you have your explanation.

The epitaph of this nation will now be, "America fought a great war to preserve a union, only to see that union destroyed a hundred and fifty years later by unionist labor unions."  As the philosopher once said, those who fail to learn from history are condemned to repeat it and as it concerns American history, I see no other time in my life time when this nation has stood more divided. America is ripe for another cleansing by fire and I for one believe that the path to that fate was sealed by the re-election of Barack Obama to the presidency last night. 

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