Saturday, November 17, 2012

They knew the truth. You're Damn Right They Knew

 David Petraeus testified before congress yesterday and a funny thing happened. Even though the testimony was behind closed doors and the media was not allowed to be present, the information being provided about his testimony reflects that he says that his memorandums and those of other intelligence agencies were redacted and information concerning the direct knowledge and awareness that the Bengazi attacks were by terrorists were removed prior to the president sending his teams out to the media with their talking points.

Now seemingly? No one seems to know how that happened or who was responsible for the altered and redacted official documents. Imagine that. How could that happen? How could they not know who was responsible? How could the president not be aware of the truth and the reality concerning the attack, especially since we know that he was getting real time briefings of the attack as it happened? How could purposely altered and purposely deceitful information be disseminated to the American people and the president not be aware of what was afoot by those in his administration? How could the president allow lies to stand when he knew the truth?

I know the answers to those questions. What about you?

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