Saturday, November 17, 2012

American media once again abdicates their responsibility as journalists


On the heals of the news yesterday morning that Hostess Bakeries would be going out of business permanently as a result of the Bakers Union strike against the company, I and many Americans were furious to have to sit helplessly and watch the aftermath of yet another example of an American institution being destroyed by socialist and leftist controlled labor unions.

It wasn't bad enough that the reality was that Hostess was being destroyed, what was equally bothersome was the manner in which major news outlets and networks treated the story. In every report of the the three major networks that I watched and in many others in print and on cable, the media meme being repeated was either "well isn't this interesting, after 82 years Hostess has decided that it is going out of business," or "as America continues to move away from snack foods in search of a healthier diet, one of the industry giants of snack foods  has fallen on hard times and decided to quit business."

Hostess didn't fall on hard times and they didn't just decided to quit business. Hostess fell victim to a concerted attack by radicals and labor unions to force them out of business. The packaging machines would still be humming and eighteen thousand Americans would still have a job this morning if the government regulations  and the labor unions that strangled the life out of hostess had not been allowed to do so. And where was the media coverage of the truth concerning Hostess?

There was the real story. A story of how an American icon of business, a company that had been in business for eighty two years, was suddenly and deliberately killed by over regulation and leftist union controlled labor unions.  But that was not the story that made it to the pages or the screens yesterday. That was not the truth that the people were told. The stories that made it to the people about Hostess' demise yesterday, were literally laughable and they were deliberately colored to avoid the truth of what had happened and who was responsible.

Intentionally so. The media wasn't interested in telling the people what really happened. They were only interested in laughing and making wise cracking remarks about Twinkies and Ding Dongs. In every instance, the cause and effect of the union strike were an after though comment or side not to the reports being aired.

Hostess didn't just decide to quit business yesterday America, they were murdered by the arrogance of socialist controlled labor unions and those who support them. So, go ahead and laugh America, after all, it's really a very funny story isn't it. 

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