Sunday, November 04, 2012

Voting is not about revenge, voting is about freedom

As we enter into the last 48 hours prior to voting for a president, I think Americans should consider the totality of what and who they believe that they are voting for.  I  believe that every American should stop and consider the simple minded and vindictive pitches that have been aimed at them by one candidate in particular. That candidate is Barack Obama..

It has been bothering me since I first heard him utter the statement concerning revenge voting. It is the admonishment itself that I find exceedingly bothersome. According to president Obama,  "the best revenge is to vote." What should Americans be taking revenge against mr. president? It is you who have been in charge of the country and the economy for the last four years, so who should Americans be taking their revenge against in your opinion.

I and millions of other Americans have listened to you blame everything on your predecessor for your entire term and when that blame game seemed to fail, you went after the 'evil rich as your class warfare targets. Certainly the evil rich are the people most responsible for your own failures and the people's continued misery if we are to believe your version. That dog eared socialist meme of  us against them and the never too tiring leftist version of class warfare seems to be your stock and trade when in a bind mr. president and in a bind is where you have been for the better part of the past year..

Then once the tactic of class warfare appeared to be losing traction, you admonished Americans to simply suck it up, stop whining and hang in there with you. Your revisited position being that you inherited such a mess that no one could possibly be expected to have resolved it in just four years. Really mr. president? that wasn't what you were saying four years ago when you were attacking and running for office. That wasn't what you were saying when you told America that if you didn't have it fixed in three years you wouldn't deserve to be re-elected.

It's always someone else's fault isn't it mr. president. It's always about some perceived level of fairness or entitlement. Or it always involves those allegedly preventing you and yours from providing those entitlements and fairness that everyone should be receiving from government.

Meanwhile, as we come into these closing days, your new tactic is to assert that the best revenge is to vote.

Well mr. president? You have finally struck upon a theme that I can understand. Getting back at those responsible for your misery is certainly an understandable human emotion. I can understand that. I don't agree with it? But I can understand it. I  can now understand the observations of those like yourself who simply want to lash out at something rather than demonstrate any personal responsibility for their own plight..

The real pity is, that those so entrenched in the leftist mantra of entitlement, are so blinded as to not be able to see or understand that the person they should be lashing out at is you. So in a fashion mr. president, you are absolutely correct. The best revenge is to vote, but more importantly, the best course of action is to vote. The best thing that Americans can do to alleviate their pain and misery, is to vote you and yours out of office this coming Tuesday.

I pray that the majority of Americans will see past your revenge based campaign and vote for real meaningful change. I pray they vote your sorry carcass into oblivion on the pages of American history. Voting isn't about revenge mr. president, voting is about freedom. Vote America!

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