Monday, November 12, 2012

Obama care "the rule of 50" and what it means to you

If you are wondering what Obama's re-election will mean to America? What it will mean to small business and what it will mean to you? Then have a look at these business people who are preparing to lay off employees, down size their companies and not expand their businesses because of Obama care.

Welcome to Obama and company and their socialist Nirvana America.

Pay attention to what the woman in the video is saying. She owns the Papa John's franchise. "Every restaurant that you eat at" will be impacted negatively by this law. Keep in mind people, we have already flushed American manufacturing down the crapper and sent all of our factories to China to produce their goods, about all that is left here in America are either the government sector jobs or the jobs in what is known as the "service industry."

Restaurants are service industry, but don't fret about the jobs being  lost here due to Obama care. Those jobs would have been lost anyway as more and more people can no longer afford to eat out due to inflation and lack of jobs and a stagnant economy. They won't even be able to eat at a pizza joint as a result of this lunacy.

Welcome to comrade Obama's Amerika.

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