Thursday, November 15, 2012

Whoomp! Dare it is!


Surprise! Jobless Claims Up 78,000 Week After Election; PA, OH Worst Hit

Mark Twain famously stated: "There are lies, there are damn lies and there are statistics." I have always felt that he fell short in that assessment. I have always felt that the last line should have included, "And their are lying ass politicians."

Welcome to the week after Obama's re-election afterglow America!

Maybe it's just me? But I was wondering how all those first timers who got their cherries popped by voting for Obama last week are feeling this morning. Is the world a rosier place for them today? How's that jobs outlook thing coming? Anyone up for a couple of verses of 'we are the world? or maybe 'imagine?'

 Apparently the numbers the media was feeding the America people along with their daily portion of socialist manna weren't exactly on target in representing the truth of the real unemployment numbers to the people prior to the election. Apparently things are really more dire than the voters ever imagined. 

I for one wonder how that can happen in Obama's land of milk and honey. After all? The man saved the American auto industry. Didn't he? And having convinced the weak minded minions of union labor of that fairy tail, he proceeded to win Ohio and Pennsylvania and Michigan to win re-election. 

 All is right with the world once again. Obama remains president right?

 Apparently not quite. Apparently the unemployment numbers provided prior to the election were wrong. Or maybe just maybe? The labor department purposely cooked the numbers right before the election to fit the leftist meme in support of Obama's re-electionJust saying.    

The new unemployment  numbers came out today. In the aftermath of the election and in the midst of the afterglow of Obama's soon to be second coronation and whatdayaknow! The unemployment numbers have apparently, suddenly and inexplicably turned toxic. And this in the shadow of the news that the EU is again in recession. Who could of imagined?

And the worst of it? Ohio and Pennsylvania have been the hardest hit states according to the 'new' numbers. Damn! I'll bet they never saw that coming. Looks like they are going to be in the same boat as the Hostess Twinkie bakers. Soon to be out of a job and soon to be lining up for unemployment and all those other benefits that Obama has promised the milk and honey lovers of American socialist Nirvana.

Never fear, all is right with the world people. Nothing to be seen here, keep it move along. The government is here and they are on the job and they will take care of you. As a matter of fact? In the very near future? The government will be the only people with jobs. But then again? That's what they have always wanted and apparently, that is what the majority of the people in America want. 

America is becoming an institution. A place where the common people are institutionalized and cared for like livestock. The government will soon have all the say so and the people will simply continue to do as they are told and report to the indoctrination centers for further programming.

Stay tuned.      

The latest facts

The Department of Labor has announced that new jobless claims rose by a staggering 78,000 in the first week after the election, reaching a seasonally-adjusted total of 439,000. Over the past year, and in the weeks leading up to the election, jobless claims were said to be declining, dipping as low as 339,000, with the media proclaiming that they had reached the "lowest level in more than four years." Now, suddenly, the news seems far less rosy.

From the Department of Labor press release this morning:
In the week ending November 10, the advance figure for seasonally adjusted initial claims was 439,000, an increase of 78,000 from the previous week's revised figure of 361,000. The 4-week moving average was 383,750, an increase of 11,750 from the previous week's revised average of 372,000.
Some of the new claims, especially in New Jersey, were due to Hurricane Sandy--but these were offset by a decline in claims filed in New York. The highest numbers of new filings came from Pennsylvania and Ohio, where there were thousands of layoffs in the construction, manufacturing, and automobile industries.
Both states had been targeted by the presidential campaigns. President Obama highlighted his record of job creation in Ohio in particular, focusing on the automobile industry. The state reported 6,450 new jobless claims in the week after the election--second-highest after Pennsylvania, which recorded 7,766 new claims.

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