Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The union wanted a strike. Now they have no jobs.

The bakers union wanted a strike against Hostess and they got one. Hostess warned that if a strike occurred, that the company would have to close plants and possibly bankrupt the entire company.

Watch the video. Listen to this union screw. He sums it up with the (should be patented) union response of "that's not fair."

Really? It's not fair that you went on strike and as a result of your own actions you are losing your job? Seriously?

Here is a tip. In an ever collapsing American economy? 50% of something? Is worth more than 100% of nothing. which is the end result of the strike against Hostess. The company loses, the employees lose and yet there are those like this numb nuts who want to stand there and talk about being fair.

You want fair sport? Go to the Russia or China or Venezuela or Cuba. They will show you fair. Along with your national health care and all for one re-distribution system of socialist pain.

Now.....go find another job.....

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