Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Semper Fi! Gunny (UPDATED)



Subsequently posted by R. Lee Ermy on his official site

A Message from the Gunny

"I recently appeared at a fundraising event designed to collect toys and raise awareness for underprivileged children. While that event succeeded in raising thousands of dollars and hundreds of toys for this cause, I regret that I delivered a monologue that was inappropriately critical of the President. I was trying to be entertaining and simply went too far in this instance. I am mindful that my success as an entertainer relates in part to my experience in the Marine Corps, my devotion to its members, and the deep respect I have for members of all our Armed Forces. My comments should not be seen as reflecting on them or their views. I was just very disappointed in the amount of success that we were having raising toys and money for the underprivileged children this season. The poor economy has greatly hampered our efforts. My comments were misguided, and emotionally based, and for that I am truly sorry."

Semper Fi


R. Lee Ermey

"I am mindful that my success as an entertainer."

I imagine that those in the liberal entertainment industry were quick to point out the error of his ways and advised either contrition or obliteration.

Of course, there was no need for apologies or contrition from the likes of Sean Penn, or the Dixie Chicks or Susan Sarandon or a Danny Glover or Alec Baldwin or a host of others, who regularly slammed former president Bush. Their careers were never in jeopardy or danger for their speaking out.

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Absolutely loved the hosts wetting their britches! Priceless!!!