Tuesday, June 01, 2010

The clouds darken around Israel

Israel faces int'l fury over flotilla

Israel’s top officials worked round the clock Monday to quell worldwide censure against its pre-dawn raid on a Gaza-bound flotilla in which 10 activists were killed.

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu cut short his visit to North America and canceled his much-anticipated meeting with US President Barack Obama to head back to Israel, while the UN Security Council convened an emergency meeting in New York.

The clouds are darkening around Israel. As each week passes, the world draws father away and Israel's enemies become more emboldened. Every reasoned and sane mind realizes and knows that these supposed charitable shipments entering Gaza, are also harboring weapons and explosives and the means to inflict more terrorist activity on Israel.

So it should be no surprise that Israel has been interdicting them. It's called 'self defense.' But what we are seeing now under the regime of Barak Obama, is the further closing of ranks of nations joining in opposition to Israel and in support of terrorist Palestinians. And this is what Israel's enemies have been waiting for for three generations now. The time when America would abandon Israel.

The bible foretold of the arrival of these days and they are now upon us, along with earthquakes and signs in the heavens. It is as it has been foretold IMO.

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