Monday, June 07, 2010

Painful did you say?

David Cameron may initially be thought of as the man of substantial understatement by the time all this is finished. Painful cuts? I'd say the UK passed the realm of painful about ten years ago as a realistic gradient of what is to come.

Like America, had the Brits stopped then, the end result would have been exceedingly painful to the average citizen and taxpayer. But what they (and we) are facing now is so much more worse as to IMO, not have adequate adjectives to begin to convey the reality that is upon us. Painful just doesn't quite cover it IMO.

Painful you say? A hang nail is painful, a hemorrhoid is painful. Try having a starving beast slowly gnaw off your hand off or try having someone insert a live red hot poker up your butt. Now that is comparatively more of what we are looking at now when you speak of painful and the pain to come from our financial collapse I am afraid.

And once the reality of these cuts are made public? Watch all the sacred cows and stuffed pigs scurrying around and bellowing like banshees. While the people take to the streets with knives and pick and axes and anything else they can find to use to wreck the beast that brought forth their agony.

Cameron warns of painful cuts to tackle debt

New Prime Minister David Cameron said Monday the state of Britain's finances was "even worse than we thought" as he warned of "painful" and unavoidable cuts to tackle the record deficit.

Cameron lambasted the Labour administrations of premiers Tony Blair and Gordon Brown, saying their "total irresponsibility" had left a "terrible" legacy that meant everyone's lives would be affected by the cutbacks.

In a speech laying out the scale of Britain's "debt crisis", Cameron said if urgent action was not taken, the consequences would be much worse as interest payments stacked up.

Aye lassies, painful it will be. Count on it. But an unimaginable pain.

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