Saturday, June 12, 2010

America has another scapegoat

As this story unfolds I imagine there will be more and more calls for this border patrol agent to be lynched and made into the social effigy of everything that is wrong with America.

The incident has already been parlayed into a political 'futbol' penalty shot to the face of America by President Caulderone and others who are more concerned about stripping away all borders and barriers to their further conquest of American sovereignty, than any sincere concern over this dead boy or why this happened.

A few years ago we saw two American Border Patrol agents scape goated and sent to prison over trying to do their job. It took a presidential pardon to see justice served in their case.

I believe this agent is about to tread the same path and in the end his only mercy may be years in coming as the two others who went before him sadly learned.

This president and his attorney general will relish crucifying this agent, while bowing and apologizing to Mexico every step of the way.


XtnYoda said...

Love the new design... couldn't get the video to play though?

Locutisprime said...

Thanks, I fixed the video, went and found a youtube version. ABC's videos are always problematic.