Sunday, June 20, 2010

SNAFU the new acronym for the Obama administration

Back in the day. Back when I was in the Marine Corps about forty years ago? We use to have acronyms for summing up communications into short and sweet identifiers that everyone could immediately relate to. No need for further conversation or explanation. One acronym would suffice to describe the entire situation.

One of the standards of that day was "SNAFU."

Simply stated...."Situation normal, all F'ed up." I'd say that about covers this presidency on a daily basis now.

While the oil continues to spill in the gulf? The CEO of BP was back home watching (his) yacht race yesterday off the coast of England. And that really angered a lot of Americans, especially those along the gulf according to the media. Meanwhile, our president was back at Andrews on the links with his buddies playing another 18 holes yesterday, while the "toil and trouble cauldron bubble" continues in the gulf. He even took VP Biden with him. Golfing with that guy has to be a hoot. So I did the average American feel about the president golfing while the crisis rolls on? (round 39 for those keeping score) And apparently the average American either missed it, or they never were told by their nightly news and information sources of Entertainment Tonight and E! News!.

I wonder if the pres was after any new material that he could glom from the master gaffer yesterday while smacking the ball around with old Joe. Seeing as how he is now using Biden's "this is a big F-ing deal" remark as one of his own anecdotal bits of levity during road speeches, maybe he is looking for new material.

And what a great example of a man to have sitting in the White house on Father's Day. A man who basically never knew his own father, was raised as a step child and steeped in the traditions of a foreign religion. All the while his mother claimed his nationality as other than American throughout his formative years, while apparently encouraging his blackness.

Yes, I have to admit, there certainly is a new day dawning in America. Situation normal. All F'ed up. And it looks like it is going to be that way for a while.

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