Wednesday, June 02, 2010

More than half of states criminals are 'illegals'

Imagine that.

Now, look around and see how many fugitives are illegals. There are Americans dead all over this country as a result of illegals. Many have been killed by illegals driving drunk. And once they have killed someone here in America, they immediately flee back across the border. Washington alone is looking for twenty six fugitive illegal alien murderers. Now apply that fact to the other forty nine states and the numbers swell dramatically.

And yet congress and this president continue to play fast and loose with the lives of Americans daily by their refusal to interdict and stop these criminals.

IMO, it is an outrage. But what else can be said for a nation that has allowed over twenty million of it's children to be put to death in the name of woman's rights. The only people in this country who have less rights than natural born Americans are the unborn.

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