Saturday, January 01, 2011

What will the new year bring?

I saw that question posed on a friends blog this morning. I read the blog and pondered the spiritual questions being asked. Then my mind wandered to the present realities confronting the country and the world.

So what will the new year bring? So far, the headlines are speaking of potential wars in sixteen regions. More unemployment, more deficit spending and the potential for more bank defaults, mortgage foreclosures. Gas prices are rising and we will see $4 a gallon gas again soon. North Korea is threatening nuclear holocaust, while China is openly stating that they are prepared for war on all fronts. Meanwhile, food prices are already bordering the ridiculous.

A couple of weeks ago, the Chinese were saying that they were prepared to bail out the European Union and mean while, the Arab countries have been spending money on the western holidays of Christmas and new years, like there is no tomorrow. The irony being, neither is as flush with money as they would have the rest of the world believe. i personally happen to believe that the Chinese have cooked the books to the point of making the Enron scandal look attractive.

Something has to give and it will give soon is my belief. Will it happen in 2011? I believe it can't go much farther into our future than that. We as a nation and as a world, may make it into 2012, but if we do, we will limp in and collapse for the effort. We as a nation and as a world are busted, broke, bankrupt and out of money.

The new year simply doesn't look promising to me. Too much has been neglected for too long and more spending never was the answer or the solution. The bills are coming due and we simply don't have the money.

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