Thursday, January 20, 2011

The America that use to be

It was bad enough when upon the arrival of the Chinese president, once again Barack Obama was captured for posterity bowing to him. I saw the photograph on Drudge yesterday and elected to not even acknowledge it.

Now today comes the true revelations of what this Chinese visit represents and how our tin man president has handled the Chinese since the beginning of his administration. While Obama has placed America prostrate before the great dragon and full of self imposed humility and false political positioning, the Chinese have seen no reasons or justifications to return the favor.

The Chinese are stepping off and flaunting what they now know is inevitable.

''If China becomes the world's No. 1 nation ... ." That was the headline in the official newspaper of the Chinese Communist Party, The People's Daily, on the eve of Chinese President Hu Jintao's state visit to Washington. The article went on to boast how "China's emergence is increasingly shifting to debate over how the world will treat China, which is the world No. 1 and has overtaken the U.S."

A story like this does not appear by accident in the official Chinese Communist Party newspaper on the eve of a state visit to the world's (current) No. 1 power, the United States.

Hell no that headline didn't appear by accident and Americans need to read the full extent of how they have been betrayed by this interloping impostor we have allowed to become president. No, this headline isn't a misprint any more than Obama's approach to the Chinese since he took office has been by accident. Obama has all but taken this country to the place where he has bent America over to be subjugated by the Chinese, much like he subjugates himself to them and the Muslim kings of Arabia.

America use to be the nation that set the tone and carried forth the policy of democracy to the rest of the world. From the time when Teddy Roosevelt sent the Great White Fleet around the world to let the rest of the world know who truly was the real big dog on the block, to the time when America stood up and defeated tyranny on two sides of the globe simultaneously during WWII.

Those times are no more and Barack Obama intends to see that they never return. He is content to do what he promised to the stupid and the ignorant that voted for him and allowed him to be elected. He is fundamentally changing this nation and once his 'change you can believe in' is accomplished? The America of the last two hundred plus years will no longer exist.

While The people of this country have been deprived the truth by the media and the government sponsored education system in this country over the last forty five years, the dupes that have been produced from this inbreeding of the socialist mind has produce a generation too stupid to see that they are being led toward the cliff of oblivion and destruction like the lemmings that they are.

God helps us!

The great red dragon has risen and we have brought it to life and fed it with the knowledge and experience and money and technology that we created to support it. Now as it looms on the precipice of consuming us, I can only wonder what the majority of those who never knew their country and never cared to learn of their heritage will think. What will they think when they are driven into the barren out lands of the shadows of all that was once great and has been destroyed.

I hope they enjoy their bowl of rice and their bicycles and their prayer mats when they get them. Those who survive.

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